When your kids are in middle school and become involved in after school activities then you may want them to have a phone. Maybe the coach lets them go a little early or you’re running a little late then you can let your child know.

My 8th grader has a phone and I sit waiting for her sometimes because half the team need to use her phone to connect with their parents. Sometimes we are already home and a parent will call my daughters’ phone and she lets them know that their child was in front on the gym when we left.

If you want to communicate with your child then get them a phone. It’s absurd to deny your child a phone because you don’t want them on social media, texting boys, or they’re on punishment and expect them to communicate with you using another child’s phone. At least get them a cheap prepaid burner phone to communicate if you do not want them on a smart phone if you expect them to call you after practice. Just my little rant because my child is the phone booth most of the time. I’m fine with others using her phone but it baffles me when a parent calls my child’s phone because they took their child’s away as punishment.

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Editor of Inspire 250 and Mystic Spirituality.

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