They say you know it is a cult by the way they treat people who want to leave. You should be able to walk away from any religion without negative consequences.

Many cults today do not even focus on religion in the traditional sense. They attract people with the Law of Attraction and energy teachings. They make people feel that they have supernatural powers and the Universe is a karma filled entity that want to give you your heart’s desire.

It’s easy to fall prey to these teachings without even realizing it. Abraham Hicks operates with a cult like mentality. Esther Hicks as Abraham encourages fans to ignore any criticism or “negativity” which makes people eliminate any information that does not support its teachings.

These cults find ways to prevent followers from seeking information from the outside. That’s the way they keep people hooked.

I just read today that actress, Allison Mack, one of the leaders of the NXIVM cult, pled guilty in court. That cult was about so-called women empowerment.

The bottom line to all of these cults is to abuse followers and take their money.

Written by

Editor of Inspire 250 and Mystic Spirituality.

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