Sherry McGuinn, This part is where the pyramid scheme allegations come from.

When I open the publication on the app the first 20 stories or more are written by the owner with one or two stories from a lucky editor thrown into the mix.

I like to open a publication and just scroll to find titles that I am interested in. In this publication I would have to scroll a lot to reach the curent stories from other writers.

Sure I can just click on one of the owners stories that lists his “curated” picks. Which means I will have to click on the owner’s stories. There are many paths that lead you to the owner’s stories such as the daily digest and welcoming new writers.

Then there is the emotional manipulation using the word curation. We know the wonderful feelings that come with being curated by Medium. I believe the pub is using the emotional pull of curation to draw people in.

Also, why are critical comments deleted from posts about changes and updates? You would think they would be welcomed to make the pub better.

Written by

Editor of Inspire 250 and Mystic Spirituality.

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