Olivia Jade probably went along with going to college as long as she didn’t really have to do anything. In one of her YouTube video she talks about being so busy with work before college started that she didn’t know how much school she was going to actually attend. She said she would have to work something out with the professors and the dean.

In a video during her senior year of high school she joke that the students probably didn’t even know she went there because she missed so much of school and she was only going on this particularly day because of the experience of senior prank day and she was filming. So, she was obviously used to getting through school with some help.

I feel like this family was brought crashing down because they continued to keep up a fake public appearance and they needed to be exposed. People close to them are probably cheering that they have been exposed because that’s what people do when they know who you really are but you continue to lie to the public.

Written by

Editor of Inspire 250 and Mystic Spirituality.

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