If you are working for any reason other than food, clothing, and shelter then you are extremely privileged. We live in a society where we have so much and take so much for granted that we have the luxury of asking questions like, Why do you work.

This abundance of free time and buffet of stuff such as computers, cell phones and excessive clothing is the root of many problems. I do not care if you work forty hours a week, if you have time to binge watch anything on Netflix then you have an abundance of free time. Many homes have video games, tablets, computers, and a television in every room, keeping families separated, to get lost aimlessly into fantasy worlds, neglecting the real world.

So, we try to find purpose in our careers. We look for reasons to get up in the morning because we are overwhelmed by information overload and idleness encouraged by surfing news and social media sites.

Then we focus all on me. What do I need to make me happy? What do I want? That’s where we continue to get it wrong. Stop focusing on pleasing yourself and start looking outside of your bubble. There are people in this world who are cold, hungry and sick. If we have the luxury of working for anything other than survival then maybe we should focus on how we can be a blessing to someone in need.

Written by

Editor of Inspire 250 and Mystic Spirituality.

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