If I had seen that post I would have said something. I was appalled at the attack on the character of the editor of the publication in question. I believe in equality and speaking out when there is just cause but this incident was not so. The number of people jumping on the bandwagon to boycott the publication was astounding to me. I kept waiting for others to defend the editor but no one did. Finally, Ayodeji Awosika spoke up in her defense.

People know that the attack on the editor was wrong but they will not speak out of fear of receiving the same ugly treatment you experienced today.

Darcy Reeder responded to the article slandering the editor with a copy of the editor’s response to a conversation she had with her about the issue. In the response the editor states that she did not even know that the writer that was offended at being rejected was even LGBTQ. The response shows that the editor rejects writers based on their writing content.

The Facebook posts that started the whole incident was deleted by the administrator because it was giving more fuel to the negative reputation the group was getting for going after writers on Medium and trying to ruin them. The administrator lives in a different time zone so by the time he deleted the posts the harm was already done.

I was extremely disturbed by the whole situation because I do not believe the accusations. I saw the original Facebook threads before they were deleted and I did not see any proof in them to justify calling the editor in question a bigot.

It started with someone ranting about not being accepted as a writer by an editor that turned into a slanderous unfounded attack that could do serious harm to the editor’s character and business. It actually made the mob of rejected writers appear vindictive and hateful.

Sorry for the long response but this issue still upsets me.

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Editor of Inspire 250 and Mystic Spirituality.

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