I have listened to this video hundreds maybe even thousands of times. The phrase “Everything is always working out for me” played on an automatic loop in my subconscious because I listened to it so much. It’s a feel-good message but the messenger is anything but good. It’s a part of the new age deception. Esther Hicks is a pawn in a dangerous game. Just like Joel Osteen, she is being used to deceive us. I call it blinded by bliss. Check out my article about former New age guru Steven Bancarz. https://medium.com/mystic-spirituality/steven-bancarz-from-new-age-to-jesus-4a6d20bfb3a0?source=friends_link&sk=0041f71191538ef92e723068389d527d

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Editor of Inspire 250 and Mystic Spirituality.

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