How to protect your creativity and sustain productivity

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I become obsessed when I am working on the things I love. Once I’ve clinched onto a project it is almost impossible to pry me away. The only way to get me to loosen my grip is to kill my creativity buzz.

Creativity isn’t always a beautiful colorful mess. Creativity can be neat and simple. Sometimes creativity is organized. Sometimes it’s utter chaos.

Whatever it looks like, artists of all genres need it to flourish. So, protecting your creativity is important.

Here are 5 creativity killers to avoid:

It’s important to know your audience and to give them what they…

Live A Meaningful Life

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“The best way to prepare for death is to live life to its fullest.”-John Bytheway

“Come on! Just throw something on and come out with us,” is a plea we’ve all heard from friends that are in the mood to party when we’re not.

Reluctantly, we give in. To our surprise we have a good time. We shudder to think we would have wasted a night hiding away at home.

There will be times when we want to hibernate. Hide away, turning down offers from friends and family. This is a surefire way to stay miserable.

Humans need to socialize…

Personal Growth

Simple Steps To Turn Chaos Into Clarity

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“It’s a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Those emotions are poison to any living goal.”-Steve Maraboli

Walking into a spiderweb in the middle of the night can cause temporary chaos and confusion as you struggle to figure out what happened, while tugging away at dirty white strings clinging to your hair and lips.

It’s a fleeting moment of worry before clarity pierces through. That’s how life goes, filled with worry and anxiety until the dust settles.

Worrying if you’ve made the right decisions ignites most of the panic riddled events in our lives.

  • Did I do the…


Even Though The World Is On Fire Life Continues

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I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.~Arthur Rubinstein

Rioters were dangling off the side of the Capitol building. The pandemic continues to ravage the country and vaccines are rolling out slowly. Unemployment continues to rise. The country is a mess.

How can one turn off the horror show and try to find peace? By focusing on the good that is still happening.

Even amidst the chaos, lovers are still tying the knot, babies are taking their first breaths and birthdays are being celebrated. There are still millions of reasons to be grateful.

Seek out…

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Faith is placing trust into the unknown and…

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You can’t always control the wind, but you can control your sails.~Dr. Bob Chope

There are so many things out of our control. The weather, chronic illnesses, and the pandemic are just a few situations that weigh us down.

That’s why it is crucial that we create the world we crave when we do have the power. How we treat others and how we make them feel is completely within our control.

Everyday we are faced with choices that can have a profound impact on those around us.

We can choose to be kind to the cashier.

We can choose


The Power Of Love

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The intoxicating nectar of love pierces through even the toughest hearts. That’s why we flaunt the four-letter word around like it’s the secret to unleashing the peaceful world order we crave.

Compassion and caring for your fellow man is the pinnacle of displaying you’re a kind-hearted decent human being.

We shout Love from all corners of the world.

But alas, amidst the four letters lies reality. In reality those four letters are dangling by strings. Swaying to and fro, in attempt to persuade you to conform, consent, and buckle to the will of the one who holds the strings.



Thank You For Being Brave

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“Authenticity requires a certain measure of vulnerability, transparency, and integrity.”-Janet Louise Stephenson

To be true to yourself you have to sometimes go against the crowd. It’s extremely difficult to have the courage to go against the grain in the era of social media. If you offend anyone you are nailed to the cross.

To be happy you must stay true to your foundation even if others don’t understand. People will try to persuade you to their way of living and thinking. Sometimes if you balk, they will try to force you to conform…don’t.

Trust your gut. If you’re giving in…

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The world is a jungle, overrun with over-achievers and constant competition. We’re led to believe nice guys finish last and the early bird gets the worm. That means hustle hard, fast, and make no apologies.

How can one be humble in such a harsh world without being flattened? No one wants to be a doormat for the ruthless, used as a tool to someone else’s success.

Humility does not mean meek and weak. Being humble in a world that idolizes boastful brutes is powerful in itself.

Proverbs 6:18, (NIV): Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.


The lure of being powerful and in control of one’s own destiny is intoxicating. To have popular motivators tickling your ears and tell you that the world is yours for the taking is a dream come true. All you have to do is think positively and ask, it is pure magic. You’re in charge and you’re the boss. Ask. Believe. Receieve. It’s that simple…or is?

There is an incredible phenomenon that continues to spread throughout the New Age Spirituality community of people turning back to Jesus. If you have even a hint of a Christian past then you probably have…

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