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Take time to recover from the blows of life

“I will be okay, just not today!” ~ Anonymous

When we experience monumental shifts in our lives we change. We come out on the other side a little bit different. Change is inevitable. How we adjust to those changes shapes our future.

Sometimes we let others pigeon hole us into who we’re supposed to be and how we’re supposed to act.

We are fluid beings. Our feelings change. How we behave changes over time. When life throws us off track we are allowed to act a little out of character.

Sometimes we get so caught up in what is expected…

Don’t forget the person that matters the most.

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“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”-Gautama Buddha

We love to give to others. We give our time, energy, advice, and even material things because we care.

When you give your time and energy to others, although fulfilling, it can begin to take a toll on you if you don’t have the right balance.

If you find yourself exhausted because you have left little time to take care of your needs then you must step back and assess where you can make some changes.

Our time and energy are our most precious…

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Your Voice Matters

“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”-Steve Jobs

Who am I?

Why would anyone care what I think?

Technology introduced metrics to measure things that we never imagined we could. Likes, shares, claps, and retweets have attached meaning to every piece of content we share online.

When we share thoughts, writing, or any content online it can be intimidating to share what we create with the knowledge that we will be judged.

“Judge tenderly, if you must. There is usually a side you have not heard, a story you know nothing about, and a…

Don’t Be Afraid To Share Your Writing

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You’re on stage and you look out and the crowd seems endless. You gulp as the heat starts to permeate from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. You feel your scalp sweating, palms of your hands tingling, and your face is on fire. You’re afraid.

You’re about to be exposed.

That’s the feeling many of us have when we are getting ready to share content we’ve written with the world.

Adding your voice in the game of writing can be daunting. There are so many players, brilliant players, and that is intimidating.

So many are…

Hello friends,

Please take a moment to read some recent stories.

“By living fully from the heart
the love-wisdom in the heart
radiates out to all the world!”- Beth Stormont

“Imagine a world filled with love, kindness, understanding, patience, and all the good things that would make our world a perfect place.” — Annelise Lords

Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.- Lewis Grizzard


Even Though The World Is On Fire Life Continues

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I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.~Arthur Rubinstein

Rioters were dangling off the side of the Capitol building. The pandemic continues to ravage the country and vaccines are rolling out slowly. Unemployment continues to rise. The country is a mess.

How can one turn off the horror show and try to find peace? By focusing on the good that is still happening.

Even amidst the chaos, lovers are still tying the knot, babies are taking their first breaths and birthdays are being celebrated. There are still millions of reasons to be grateful.

Seek out…

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Faith is placing trust into the unknown and…

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You can’t always control the wind, but you can control your sails.~Dr. Bob Chope

There are so many things out of our control. The weather, chronic illnesses, and the pandemic are just a few situations that weigh us down.

That’s why it is crucial that we create the world we crave when we do have the power. How we treat others and how we make them feel is completely within our control.

Everyday we are faced with choices that can have a profound impact on those around us.

We can choose to be kind to the cashier.

We can choose


The Power Of Love

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The intoxicating nectar of love pierces through even the toughest hearts. That’s why we flaunt the four-letter word around like it’s the secret to unleashing the peaceful world order we crave.

Compassion and caring for your fellow man is the pinnacle of displaying you’re a kind-hearted decent human being.

We shout Love from all corners of the world.

But alas, amidst the four letters lies reality. In reality those four letters are dangling by strings. Swaying to and fro, in attempt to persuade you to conform, consent, and buckle to the will of the one who holds the strings.



Thank You For Being Brave

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“Authenticity requires a certain measure of vulnerability, transparency, and integrity.”-Janet Louise Stephenson

To be true to yourself you have to sometimes go against the crowd. It’s extremely difficult to have the courage to go against the grain in the era of social media. If you offend anyone you are nailed to the cross.

To be happy you must stay true to your foundation even if others don’t understand. People will try to persuade you to their way of living and thinking. Sometimes if you balk, they will try to force you to conform…don’t.

Trust your gut. If you’re giving in…

Charlene Fate

Editor of Inspire 250 and Mystic Spirituality.

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